Rooms and Amenities

We currently have three rooms available at Casa Smilin’ Dog in Tamarindo and a separate condo, which is 10 minutes from Playa Grande, the ‘serious surfers’ beach.

The Hibiscus Room, which is painted in a warm orange colour called “Wow” has wonderful, tranquil views of the garden, trees and flowers (hence the name).

Next door to it is the Howler Monkey Room, which is painted “Electric green” and has a small bamboo fence out front. It too has the lovely views and we have to admit the monkeys entertain guests as do the birds and iguanas.

Both rooms have an outdoor kitchen and dining area – great for chilling out in the hammocks, reading or entertaining friends. You can make smoothies or cocktails with the blender, brew you own Costa Rican coffee for breakfast before you head off to the beach (just 5 minutes away) or have a casual outside supper in the evening.

The third room “Smilin’ Dog” is different altogether – big indoor kitchen with a full oven and breakfast bar, large bedroom (big enough for an office space if you need it) and a small personal courtyard and parking space.

All three rooms have air conditioning, TV and wi-fi access as well as big fridges, a good selection of kitchen equipment, comfortable, colourful chairs and proper size showers!

There is access to a washing machine and drying area.

The whole area is safe and secure, very close to the beach and centre of Tamarindo Town.

Views of the Howler Monkey room, Hibiscus Room, Smilin’ Dog Room and The Gardens.





Smilin’ Dog Room Rates
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