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Another evening on the Beach

Silhouttes on the beach B & W 16 5 2015-The end of a great day and a beautiful sunset – thought these folks and the dog sum up Tamarindo’s beach – chilled, friendly and dog loving.  The dogs on our beach are a constant source of joy, a focal point for conversation and a way to meet new people.  They really makes us laugh!


Tamarindo Beach in the morning

Crab in ditch 9 5 15-8010Another day another walk to the beach – all of three minutes or so – this time, at the Langosta end of the beach, we spotted a beautiful bird which turned out to be a Little Blue Heron. Amazing another bird we’ve never seen in our lives.  Tamarindo never ceases to blow our minds – it’s so easy to forget we’re living in the jungle …’s easy to think that you are living in a small town but…

Yesterday there were crabs vanishing into holes in the side of the ditch by the road outside & Racoons in broad daylight presumably trying to eat the crabs…and a bright green lizard in our kitchen – what bliss!Racoon 9 5 15-8036

Beautiful Bird spotted on our morning walk to the beach

Beautiful Bird spotted on our morning walk to the beach


Beautiful Sunset @ Playa Tamarindo

Wednesday evening. Sunset 22 4 115-5642Thought the swell had gone but was I wrong.  Great waves and surfing followed by a stunning sunset.  Life is just beautiful here in Playa Tamarindo! The weather is beautiful hot, sunny days and warm soft evenings. Maybe some rain soon.Paddle Surfer Sunset 22 4 115-5580


Smilin’ Dog Arrives


Welcome to Casa Smilin Dog. Great sunset tonight with the Catamaran just back from the sunset cruise.  We are up and running and are taking bookings for the coming year.  Get in touch and share the magic.